Sao Paulo – a field report
3. September 2014

12 million People are living in Sao Paulo. When you add the suburban Part of Sao Paulo to it, there are 20 millions. Incredible. Compared to Munich, Munich seems to be a small village with its 1.2 million inhabitants. There was one thing I immidently recognized  in Sao Paulo: To go by Metro at rush Hour (also with my suitcase) is just hell. The other 3.000 humans hate you for bringing the suitcase to the Metro so that they don’t fit inside anymore. It can get even worse if a Paulis (the inhabitant of Sao Paulo) forgets to use a deodorant….

However Sao Paulo also has is good and beautiful side: there are better restaurants than in Rio de Janerio, lots of museums (the biggest art collection in South America), a downtown that looks like New York (if there wouldn’t be the palms everywhere…), amazing skybars where you could drink a good caipirinha with a amazing view over Sao Paulo, many people can speak English and a better and bigger Metrosystem than in Rio de Janeiro (it is still nothing compared to Germany)

The first time during my trip I met another german guy. Together with him we went for the sunset in a small park. It was fantastic there: a lot of young people sitting together, drinking a beer and enjoying the sunset. Afterwards we went to a pizza restaurante. Finally we went to one of the oldest and most beautiful skysrappers of Sao Paulo: the Edificio Italia. When we arrived at the skybar we couldn’t realize it, how beautiful it was: we had a live band playing relaxe music in the background, we had an incredible view of Stephan und ich beim Pizza essenSao Paulo and of course in the end a really high bill. Everything has his price, but it was the last evening of Stefan in Latinamerika, so it was okay.

On the next day I went with 2 Mexicans (I’ve meet them in the hostel too) to a park (Parque do Ibiraquere). It is simular to the Central Park in New York. The park was really fantastic. Everywhere was some modern Art standing outside. There was also the MAM Sao Paulo (modern art museum). Because the Mexicans loved art we went there to look at it. Now I can tell proudly that I went to a museum in Brazil. The Modern Art Museum was not that big, but it inspired me somehow. My highlight of this day was that at in the Metro a really beautiful brazilian girl (without speaking any english) asked me for my facebookname/cellphonenumber. The rest of the story I can tell you directly, because it is nothing for kids. :-)

My conclusion after 2.5 days in Sao Paulo: I love Sao Paulo! I could definitly imagine to work and live here for some years. Of course in Sao Paulo you are not safe in the eveninig too, but I love the atmosphere, the skycrappers and everything…

Here are some impressions of Sao Paulo:

Sunset Sao Paulo

Skybar Edificio Italia

Art in Sao Paulo




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