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Rain in the paradise
29. August 2014

Oh my godness, today it rained for the first time in Brazil. Also the temperatures went down to freezing 15 degrees. You can compare it now with the “german summer”. It is very interesting how the brazilians react to the bad weather: They don’t know what they should do, so they stay at home, watching TV. Spontaneously I could think of play some games like chess, reading, to cook somethink really good or just sleeping. Just at 5:30 PM the sun goes down, so it is going to be much colder. However the brazilians don’t have a heating for the cold weather, I can understand this: for the 3 cold days of the year I also wouldn’t buy a heating. As a German I also don’t own a ventilator for the 3 hot days. I feel like home, just at another place in the world. How did I spend my day, as the german “example”?

Early in the morning I went surfing, just as everyday. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Luckily I wore a swimsuit (like everyday), so it wasn’t that cold when we were out on the sea. Also the sea was really strong today: the waves were bigger and stronger then the days before. Just in the beginning I had the honor to meet the “bomb”, a really big and strong wave, which kicked me off my surfboard and brought me back to the beginning. Back at the beach again, I had the second chance to paddel out, where you are able to catch the waves. After that I was definitly awake. To get up at 7:30 and stand on the surfboard on 8:15 on your holidays is really hard. So sometimes – like today – my head was still in bed, until the “bomb” catched me. Often when you had a drop out, some salt water runs out of your nose later in the day. Really scary. Forget nasal spray, go surfing! This also cleans your nose.

After that I took a hot shower and afterwards cooked something really good: there was Risotto á la JJ. It tasted really good. (No I didn’t took a picture. #noinstafoodtoday #notoninstagram #Ijusteatmyfoodwithoutaphoto) Then it was time for a “little” nap. It took longer than expectet.(I think it was becouse of all the paddling and getting up so early) After 3.5 hours I managed it to get up again and went to the shopping mall to buy a cup of cappucino. After the long walk and some coffein in the body I just started to write the next blog entry. Perfect weather for it. With this post I wanted to show the germans at home, that there are also bad days in Brazil and of course the different reaction of it.

By the way, the brazilians just fall asleep in front of the TV. What a sight! :-)

In the evening I am goingt to plan my last 3 weeks in Brazil, I have got some gut Ideas what I want to do. However I will just post after I booked everything…

So, stay tuned!

P.S.: Of course I started to optimize my blog for Google. Do you have an idea with which keyword I got my first visitors on my website? No it is not “Rio de Janeiro” or “Brazil” like I planned it. It was “Nazi-Frisur” (Nazi-haircut). It is because of a blog entry I wrote in the beginning of my journey… I just want to thank my new hairdresser Uschi from Innsbruck! (I am going to translate that blog-entry during the week, so you can read the whole story…)


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